About Drywall Contracts

Jon’s story:

My father has worked in the Drylining trade for over 30 years. I started dry lining in 2000 and most of the males in the Jacznik family are dry liners so it is very much a family trade.

I started managing for one of the largest dry lining companies in the UK in 2008. During this time, I have managed and delivered over 150 projects, worked on £900 million pounds worth of construction projects and the value of the dry lining works I have personally managed exceeds 60 million pounds. The largest project I’ve looked after had a total value of £240 million and a package size of £9 million.

I believe strongly in the importance of building a positive reputation and surrounding myself with a professional team who are able to deliver an excellent level of service. I never focus on simply making a profit as I recognise how this can negatively impact relationships.

My experience covers retail, commercial projects, leisure, new build residential and hospitals so I am able to offer a service to support all types of construction project.